Torture…is it justified???

“Torture is the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment or in order to force them to do or say something.” In order for this to be done, there is a complete violation of rights, or human rights.

When is torture EVER ok?? When did it become okay to push someone with pain to the point where they beg for death because at that point dying is easier than living? When did we as human beings become so vindictive to accomplish something? Although I suppose that part resides in all of us given the right reason. But as medical professionals, when did vengeance become more important over duty? Over the reason why we chose to become medical professionals in the first place.

Human beings live, no rather thrive on love and hope and if there is ever anything that threatens either one of those, then they are driven to do everything in their power in order to stop it from being destroyed. Not that I am saying that I support torture, it goes against everything I believe in, but I do understand why some people do it.

A while ago I was watching a TV series called: Missing. A mother’s child was taken from her and she did not know why. This woman also worked for the FBI before she retired to take care of her family and now her family was taken away from her. She could not find her son and every time she got close, he was moved to a different location. Finally she caught a suspect but this suspect would not say a word. This woman was driven with fear at never seeing her son again and so she used her skills that were taught to her at the FBI to torture this suspect in giving information about the location of her son. Eventually the suspect gave her that information. Given the right reason, anyone…everyone would go the extreme to protect those that they care about.

However, with that being said…there are those who torture because they enjoy inflicting pain on others. They thrive on others pain and bask in their accomplishment. Granted some of these specific people require psychological help. They somehow justify torture but it is never okay. Torture is wrong, no matter ANYONE’s reasoning, it stays wrong.

There are varies degrees of torture though. Different views to the extent of torture. Torture can be seen as making a thousand deep tissue cuts all over a person’s body and making them bleed till they can’t anymore, as well as something ‘small’ as telling someone how fat they are every day. Not matter the degree/extent to which torture is done, it remains wrong. It is still one person inflicting pain, whether it is physical or mental, on another person.

To be honest, I found this topic, out of the 4, the hardest to blog about. My first sentence was, “I do not agree with torture methods…” I sat with that sentence, staring at me for days until I could expand somewhat on it.

Alas, in the words of Carl Jung, “The healthy man does not torture others – generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers. images


2 thoughts on “Torture…is it justified???

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